Mandriva installation prerequisites

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Mandatory packages

  • name of packages are different therefore use the lines hereafter instead (assuming sudo is configured to support root commands):
 sudo urpmi gcc gcc-c++ make autoconf automake libtool bison flex gettext 
 sudo urpmi patch subversion texinfo wget git
 sudo urpmi libncurses5 libncurses-devel
 sudo urpmi zlib1-devel liblzo2_2 liblzo-devel
 sudo urpmi libacl1 libacl-devel
 sudo urpmi uuid-dev
 sudo urpmi  python-serial python-usb
 sudo urpmi libssl-devel                        (to build u-boot 2014.04 mxsimage tool for the apf28)
  • If you get this error during compilation (module-init-tools):
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lc

you should install the glibc-static package. This is because the module-init-tools build process wants to link statically against the C library.

Optional packages

  • Not mandatory but useful to add some Buildroot packages:
 sudo urpmi libglib2.0-devel

Java devt

  • To compile java jamvm and gnu-classpath:
 sudo urpmi java-gcj-compat-dev