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New organization proposed:


no change

Starting up

  • only the quick start info to use the APF boards.


  • Introduction to the armadeus boards
  • links to the board specifications and schematics
  • links to the supported features
  • link to starting up


Features No more difference between hardware and software. The idea: put your feet in the end user shoes who want to use a feature but do not know if it is a hardware or software feature or both.

indirect links shall be limited to 2 levels from here ?


  • everything related to FPGA (hard or soft)


  • Development tools: Eclipse, SCM/GIT, bootloader, gtkterm
  • debug tools: (software/hardware, jtag, gdb/gdb server, gtkterm
  • API/libraries/framework: QT, Java, SDL, Allegro
  • All the tutorials
  • Applications fully functionnal

Armadeus releases


no change