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(Only One Cable Project)

You think they are too many cables on your devlight ?

yes me too :


Yes it is possible to develop applications with only one cable :


To program the apf, we need tree cables to

  • Power the kit (AC/DC bloc)
  • control the system (RS232)
  • download files fastly (Ethernet)

But it is possible to use only USB to :

Power the kit

Warning Warning: It's a Hack, so it can damage your PC-USB port.

USB protocol can provide up to 500mA (100mA by default) at 5V, then we have to plug USB power on DevLight power and USB-GND on DevLight GND like this :


Warning Warning: Never connect USB and standard Power at the same time, or you shall burn your PC-USB port.

Control the system : tty console can be emulated over USB

In the first time, RS232 is needed to configure the kit. Here is an explanation on how to configure module g_serial to use USB as serial port.

To launch it at boot, I wrote a script named S10gserial in /etc/init.d/ directory

# load core USB controler
modprobe imx_udc
# load serial USB controler
modprobe g_serial

TODO: Connect the ttygserial device on APF console automatically.

download files fast

with USB tty console can be more fast than standard RS232 then, big files can transit trough it.