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You must install the libc++ on your target. If you want to use the Qt Gui module, you must have the libpng package (select it in the menuconfig in buildroot).

Getting the packages

You must get the packages qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz & qt-x11-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz from the ftp server of the trolltech company as anonymous user (no password)

# ftp ftp.trolltech.com
# Name (ftp.trolltech.com:user): anonymous
# cd /qt/source
# get qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz
# get qt-x11-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz
# quit

or use the wget command:

# wget --user=anonymous ftp.trolltech.com:/qt/source/qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz
# wget --user=anonymous ftp.trolltech.com:/qt/source/qt-x11-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz

(new qtopia mirror)

# wget --user=anonymous http://ftp.roedu.net/mirrors/ftp.trolltech.com/qt/source/qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz


From now, we consider the variable ARMADEUS_ROOT_DIR as the root directory of the Armadeus SVN snapshot on your computer.

Copy and untar the downloaded packages into an installation folder called qt_installs:

# mkdir qt_installs
# cp $DOWNLOAD_FOLDER/qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz   \ 
   $DOWNLOAD_FOLDER/qt-x11-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz $ARMADEUS_ROOT_DIR/qt_installs
# tar fxz qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz
# tar fxz qt-x11-opensource-src-4.2.0.tar.gz

First you may install/update Qt 4.2 on your system if is not installed yet because you will need the Qt tools ( the designer for instance ....). Additionally you must compile and install the qvfb and qconfig tools. ....

# cd qt-x11-opensource-src-4.2.0
# ./configure
# make
# su root
# make install
# cd tools/qvfb/ ; make
# install -m 755 -p ../../bin/qvfb /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.2.0/bin
# cd ../qconfig ; make
# install -m 755 -p qconfig /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.2.0/bin 
# make confclean

Then as user, configure, compile the Qtopia package for the virtual frame buffer installation. Once done, install all these into the $ARMADEUS_ROOT_DIR/qt/qvfb folder

# cd qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.2.0
# ./configure -depths 8,16,32 -no-cups -release  -qvfb -prefix \
   $ARMADEUS_ROOT_DIR/qt/qvfb -no-qt3support
# make
# su root
# make install
# make confclean

Now, as user, the essential: Qtopia

# ./configure -embedded arm -little-endian -depths 8,16,32 -no-cups -release \
   -fast -qconfig medium -prefix $ARMADEUS_ROOT_DIR/qt/qtopia.4.2.0
# make
# make install

Note: the compilation/installation of the Qtopia demos may not work, but all the Qt libraries are well done.

To install one or several different configurations, please read the Qt documentation included to understand the different configuration options. I advise you to preserve the qt_installs/qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.2.0 installation folder. Indeed, you may install Qtopia again in the following cases:

  • You are using a new arm-linux-g++ compiler version
  • You need several different installations because you are working on different projects ( For example the LCD properties are different).
  • You want to add the Qt3 support
  • you want to resize the Qt libraries to save some space on your rootfs.