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The SP_Vision board is an extension of APF27Dev and APF51Dev with a Spartan6 and two DDR. It is designed for real-time video processing.

Configure the sp_vision fpga

SP_Vision FPGA configuration is done through APF* FPGA, then to configure the SP_Vision FPGA you will need a configuration virtual component called sp_vision_configure under the APF*'s onboard FPGA. This virtual component is available in POD library, but if you don't want to make special design just for configuration, a standard design is provided in armadeus tree.

On the APF*_Dev

  • First select the driver for sp_vision_configuraton under linux-menuconfig :
[ ]$ make linux-menuconfig
Device Drivers  --->       
    Armadeus specific drivers  --->
        FPGA Drivers   --->
            [*]   virtual components
            [*]   Board designs
            <M>     board driver for sp_vision fpga loader


[ ]$ make linux
[ ]$ make

The configuration bitstream can be found under the directory firmware/pod_scripts/ and it's named apf27_spvision_loader.bit for APF27 and apf51_spvision_loader.bin for APF51. To configure the second (sp_vision) FPGA, first FPGA on APF* must be configured with this bitstream.

  • Configure the first fpga (if you transfer files by nfs):
 # modprobe fpgaloader

On APF27:

 # load_fpga apf27_spvision_loader.bit

On APF51:

 # load_fpga apf51_spvision_loader.bin
  • Once the first FPGA configured, just do :
 # modprobe sploader
 # modprobe sploader_prober
 # dd if=your_sp_vision_bitstream.bit of=/dev/sp_loader

Communicate with sp_vision

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