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In this page you will learn how to save Buildroot and Linux configuration for a project.



To save Buildroot config use the command :

$ make savedefconfig

The saved config will be available in buildroot/defconfig file.

To save it under a board config file, merge it with config files available in:

$ vimdiff buildroot/defconfig buildroot/configs/<BOARD_NAME>_defconfig




If kernel used is > 2.6.36, a script is available in the armadeus directory /scripts/. Under the bsp directory, launch:

$ ./scripts/
Please enter your favorite merge tool (ex: kompare, vimdiff, etc...)
> vimdiff

And choose your favorite diff tool, then press ENTER. Under your diff tools, do the merge. The final config file will be saved in buildroot/target/device/armadeus/<BOARD_NAME>/<BOARD_NAME>-linux-<KERNEL_NUM>.config