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Instructions to use the serial port of your Armadeus board to transfer files from/to your PC.

Note Note: This page explains how to transfer files on the board when the Linux system has started, not from U-Boot !.

To know how to configure serial link for U-Boot communication, it's here.


When you only have a serial link (RS232/USB) as connection with your devt PC (ie no Ethernet available), then you can use Zmodem protocol to send/receive files to/from your Shell/Console of your Armadeus board.



Target (APF)

Modify your Buildroot configuration:

 $ make menuconfig

to add lrzsz package:

Package Selection for the target  --->
    Networking applications  --->
        [*]   lrzsz

and then rebuild your rootfs:

 $ make

Reflash it or manually copy rz and sz executables found in $ARMADEUS_ROOTFS_DIR/usr/bin/.


  • Install lrzsz package, if not already installed on your system. For example on Ubuntu/Debian:
 $ sudo apt-get install lrzsz
  • Install minicom tool:
 $ sudo apt-get install minicom
  • The first time, configure minicom (as root):
 $ sudo minicom -s


Warning Warning: You must use minicom as serial terminal and not kermit/screen, sorry ! :-(
  • Be sure to have correctly configured Minicom (line speed, 8N1, no flow control, and correct download/upload directories path).
  • Use rz for receiving and sz to send files:

Host (PC) --> Target (APF)

 # cd /whereToPutTheFileOnTheTarget/
 # rz -bZ
 .. waiting to receive.
  • then in minicom do: Ctrl+a , s and choose zmodem protocol and the file to send.
  • Wait a little and your file will be copied to your board rootfs ! ;-)

Target (APF) --> Host (PC)

 # cd /location/of_the/file_to_send/on_the_apf/
 # sz -b --zmodem filename

Minicom handles the file receiving automatically (and put it in your $HOME by default, or the directory you configured in Minicom: Ctrl+z, o, Filenames and paths, Download directory)


Serial transfer through USB gadget as serial link

After having booted your board:

  • On your Target, open a new terminal on your serial link (here USB):
 # /sbin/getty -L ttygserial 115200 vt100
  • On your Host, launch Minicom and configure it to use /dev/ttyUSB1 at 115200, then connect it to this terminal

Transfer without terminal

  • On your Target, launch receiving:
# rz --zmodem 1>/dev/ttyXXX 0</dev/ttyXXX
  • On your Host, launch transfer:
$ sz --zmodem /tftpboot/afiletosend 1>/dev/ttyUSB1 0</dev/ttyUSB1



With minicom use ymodem :

  • type:
BIOS> loady ${loadaddr}
Ctrl+A Z
  • Select ymodem then filename