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This page details the installation and the usage of the Linux drivers for the TSC210x chips (touch & temp/voltage control). Sound (ALSA) specific part can be found here.

Driver Installation

These drivers are now installed by default in standard Armadeus rootfs. Here you will find instructions to know how we configured Linux to activate these drivers (may be useful if you want to deactivate them).


TSC arch.png


  • Load all the needed drivers:
 # modprobe tsc2102_ts
TI TSC210x driver initializing
TSC2101 detected
input: TSC210x Touchscreen as /devices/platform/mxc_spi.1/spi1.0/tsc210x-ts/input/input0
TSC210x Touchscreen driver initialized


Before use, the touchscreen has to be (at least one time) calibrated:

 # ts_calibrate

Tslib calibrate.png

Then it can be tested with:

 # ts_test

Tslib test.png

If it does not work you can quickly check driver functionality; touch the screen and check that tsc2102 interrupts count is increasing:

 # cat /proc/interrupts
 26:          0         MPU  IMX-uart
 29:         17         MPU  IMX-uart
 30:         22         MPU  IMX-uart
 35:         12         MPU  imx-mmc
 39:         14         MPU  I2C_IMX
 40:         16         MPU  imx-spi.2
 41:          0         MPU  imx-spi.1
 59:       3682         MPU  i.MX Timer Tick
 60:          0         MPU  DMA
 61:          0         MPU  DMA
 110:         0        GPIO  eth0
 168:         0        GPIO  tsc2102   <<<<--------
 Err:         0

More informations concerning the Tslib can be found here.


You can play sounds through ALSA interface.


  • get temperature and voltage with hwmon (Hardware Monitoring) interface. For example, get board temperature from TSC210x:
 # modprobe hwmon
 # cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/device/temp1_input         -- result in m°C