Tianma TM035

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This Tianma's LCD module allow you to add a display and a touchscreen to your APF28Dev.

Module flat cable can be used to directly connect the TM035 to the APF28Dev. LCD resolution: 320x240.

How to enable Tianma TM035 support on 2.6.35 APF28 kernel

  • Remove the following patch and rebuild your Linux image:
$ rm patches/linux/2.6.35/459-armadeus-mx28_fix_16bits_video.patch
$ make linux-rebuild
  • Reflash the image and activate TM035 by default in U-Boot:
BIOS> run update_kernel
BIOS> setenv extrabootargs lcd_panel=tm035
BIOS> saveenv

How to enable Tianma TM035 support on recent kernel (3.19+)

You have to edit the APF28Dev's device tree file. The file is buildroot/output/build/linux-XXX/arch/arm/boot/dts/imx28-apf28dev.dts .

  • Find the following lines and modify them as the comment says:

lcdif@80030000 {
pinctrl-names = "default";
pinctrl-0 = <&lcdif_16bit_pins_a
//display = <&st0700>;
* To use the Tianma TM035 LCD comment the line above
* and uncomment the line below.
display = <&tm035>;
status = "okay";

  • Rebuild the device tree
$ make linux-rebuild
  • Copy the new dtb file (located in buildroot/output/images) in your tftpboot directory and update it on your board. In U-Boot:
BIOS> run update_dtb