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Status Legend Color
Test passed
Compilation or runtime test failed
To be tested
Optional/not activated by default
NA/not supported

Feature Status Test case
boards apf9328 apf28 apf27 apf51
U-Boot power on U-Boot 2012.04...
I2C: ready
DRAM: 16 MiB
Flash: 8 MiB
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Net: dm9000
U-Boot 2012.04...
Freescale i.MX28 family
DRAM: 128 MiB
NAND: 256 MiB
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Net: FEC0
U-Boot 2012.04..
CPU: Freescale i.MX27 at 399 MHz
Armadeus APF27
DRAM: 64 MiB
NAND: 256 MiB
U-Boot 2012.04...
I2C: ready
DRAM: 256-512 MiB
NAND: 512 MiB
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Net: FEC
power on the board and check the boot log of the board
NOR/NAND flash 8 MiB 256MiB-2GiB 256MiB 512MiB-4GiB startup sceen shall display:
Flash: xx MiB
RAM 16/32 MiB 128MiB-512MiB 64-128MiB 256-512MiB startup sceen shall display:
DRAM: 16 MiB
Ethernet driver dm9000 FEC0 FEC FEC startup sceen shall display:
Ethernet MAC dm9000 read
00000000: 1e00 00ac
ethaddr = 00:1e:ac:...
ethaddr = 00:1e:ac:...
iim read fecmac
FEC MAC address: 0x00:0x1e:0xac:...
test the presence of the MAC address in EEPROM/fuses
the command bdinfo should return a valid mac address
Default IP the default IP variables should be:
use the "flash_reset_env" script
to restore the default environment variables
DHCP the command "DHCP" should be able
to update IP environment variables according
to your network and DHCP server
Ping set ipaddr & serverip according to your network.
Test the connection to the server:
ping ${serverip} should return the status "alive"
Board reset command "reset" shall reset the board
TFTP the command "run download_uboot" should
UBoot from the host PC into the target RAM
NFS the command
"nfs ${loadaddr} ${serverip}:/tftpboot/${board_name}-linux.bin" should download
linux kernel from the host PC into the target RAM
Board upgrade scripts use the hereafter scripts to update the software of the board:
run update_all
run flash_reset_env
I2C 38 76 7F postponed postponed not supported  : unreliable - device detected randomly startup sceen shall display:
I2C: ready
the command "i2c probe" should return the list
of devices on the i2c bus of the board
linux boot from flash the command "boot" should start linux and rootfs from flash
the linux login should be "armadeus login: "
NFS boot (rootfs) http://www.armadeus.com/wiki/index.php?title=Nfs#Boot_from_NFS
the command "run nfsboot" should start linux using
rootfs over a NFS shared drive on
your host server ${serverip}
rootfs on SD/MMC http://www.armadeus.com/wiki/index.php?title=MultiMediaCard#Booting_from_MMC.2FSD
the command "run mmcboot" should start linux using
a rootfs on your sd/mmc memory card
Flash lock/unlock Not Applicable For APF9328:
protect on all
erase nor0,1
-> - Warning: 1 protected sectors will not be erased!
protect off all
erase nor0,1
-> no warning - erase done
other apf boards:
nand lock; nand erase.part kernel
Should not erase the kernel partion
(error message, system hang or no message)

boot linux
to confirm nand integrity -> kernel should start

Env compatibility change force a new environment version and check
the warning on next reboot:
setenv env_version 0
=> *** Warning - Environment version change suggests:
run flash_reset_env; reset
FPGA control blinking_led_
Not Applicable blinking_led_
the command "fpga info 0" should indicate
the presence of the spartan 3
Test FPGA download with the blinking_led bit file of your board:
tftpboot ${loadaddr} blinking_led_apfxxxx_xxxk.bit
fpga load 0 ${loadaddr} ${filesize}
should make the LED blinking without error
Firmware autoload Not Applicable run flash_firmware
setenv firmware_autoload 1
<power off>/<power on> the board
LED should blink after a couple of seconds and
UBoot should continue countdown to boot linux
imxfuse commands Not Applicable ocotp imxfuse mac... iim blow fecmac... Use production tool to blow a MAC address
Detect RAM SIze not supported 128MiB Board rev. 1 with 128 MiB Board rev. 1 with 512MiB Using the default UBoot config test the given
config is correct during boot
PAR cleared Not Applicable Not Applicable run unlock_regs; boot
once logged on linux try the command
imxregs CSR
should display imx register value instead of any error like "Unhandled fault"
SD/MMC driver not supported not supported The command "mmcinfo" should display the SD/MMC card information
NETCONSOLE not supported not supported not supported not supported Ethernet_console
LCD not supported not supported not supported not supported
SPI not supported not supported not supported not supported
USB not supported not supported not supported not supported