USB Boot

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Note Note: Only possible if your docking board has an USB Host controller ;-)

Prepare your key

  • create a partition on your USB key (supposing it is recognized as /dev/sdb)
 $ sudo fdisk /dev/sdb
  • format it as ext2:
 $ sudo mkfs.ext2 /dev/sdb1
  • mount it:
 $ sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/disk/
  • copy rootfs on it:
 $ make shell_env
 $ source
 $ sudo tar xvf $ARMADEUS_ROOTFS_TAR -C /media/disk/
 $ sudo umount /media/disk/

Prepare your kernel

  • Linux should be compiled with USB Host driver as static (done by default in current Armadeus configuration). For example on the APF9328:
 $ make linux-menuconfig
 Device Drivers  ---> 
     Armadeus specific drivers  ---> 
         <*>   isp1761 USB 2.0 Host controller

Set environment variables in U-Boot

BIOS> setenv usbroot /dev/sda1
BIOS> setenv usbrootfstype ext2
BIOS> setenv addusbargs setenv bootargs \${bootargs} root=\${usbroot} rootfstype=\${usbrootfstype} rootwait
BIOS> setenv usbboot setenv bootargs \${console}\;run addusbargs addipargs\; bootm \${kernel_addr}
BIOS> saveenv

Let's go

BIOS> run usbboot