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How-to use USB to Playstation[1] joypad adapters on your APF boards.

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This type of adapter allows you to control your applications/games with massively available joypads, through the USB Host interface (only available on DevFull & APF27)

Tested materials

Adapter Model Chip Status
APF9328 / APF27
Driver Comments
APM TwinUSB adapter  ??? Digital pads & vibrators not tested


 $ make linux-menuconfig
 Device Drivers  --->
    Input device support --->
        <*> Joystick interface
    * HID Devices --->
        Special HID drivers --->
            <*> Pantherlord devices support
               *        Pantherlord force feedback support
 $ make linux && make

copy following drivers on your target or reflash your rootfs (for more infos, see this page)



  • be sure that your USB Host is running on your board: explanations are here
  • plug your USB adapter (here a Prolific one)
  • Load the module:
# modprobe xxxx
  • a new joystick interface will be created and recognized by applications supporting it.

Software examples

  • If you want to know how to drive such beast from your applications, take a look at:
    • target/demos/input_test/ (SDL example)


  • TBDL


  1. Playstation and the Playstation logos are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.