Use MySQL-client on apf9328

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I made this page to write some procedure to install mySQL-client in apf9328. It's not a howto, because to be clean, the buildroot package must be rebuild.

Install buildroot package in makemenuconfig

select Package Selection for the target -> database -> MySQL-client.

Clean the package

MySQL-client buildroot package was made without size optimisation, then if you compile as-is, the rootfs size is 80Mo ! To optimize size, just use a graphical-fs viewer like filelight or kdirstat to suppress useless files in directory : buildroot/project_build_armv4t/apf9328/root/, and try to reduce by 8Mo or 16Mo according to your flash size.


  • To force buildroot re-building the rootfs suppress buildroot/binaries/apf9328/apf9328-rootfs.arm.jffs2 file then make.
  • flash rootfs
  • boot

Resolve link error

If you try to launch mysql you will have an error:

[root@armadeus MySQL-python-1.2.2]# mysql
mysql: can't load library ''

Quick method to solve it is to make symbolic link in /usr/lib:

[root@armadeus lib]# ln -s mysql/

This is really dirty method but that work ;-)

Configure host database

A good tutorial to configure host MySQL database can be found here [1] or here [2](fr).

Connecting apf9328 to host database

mysql -u plop -h -p