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I am a versatile computer engineer with focus on embedded systems,


  • C/C++ programming
  • Embedded systems
  • network programming
  • device drivers
  • bare-metal code
  • FPGA development with VHDL and Xilinx Spartan and Virtex
  • arm, ppc, mips
  • Assembly: MIPS, m68k, coldfire, x86, ppc, arm
  • Linux/Embedded Linux development
  • Bash, Python
  • Java


  • Android
  • domotics
  • wireless communications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • DSP
  • PCB design

I am hoping to do various hobby projects with the APF51 to refine my skills, gain experience, and help contribute to the community. I am especially interested in it's 3G capabilities, and I am curious to see if I can get Android running on it. I see from the wiki that there has already been some work done with Android, but I'm not sure how far along it is for the APF51.