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* [[PWM]]: PWM3 output is on J2 pin 26 <br>(2.8V output)
* [[PWM]]: PWM3 output is on J2 pin 26 <br>(2.8V output), but also used by LCD backlight !
* [[GPIOlib]]
* [[GPIOlib]]
* [[JTAG]]
* [[JTAG]]

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This is the Armadeus System's standard development board/baseboard for the APF6 module.

The following options are available:


  • As the board is also used for APF6_SP module (APF6+FPGA), you might experience some miscellaneous FPGA LED blinking (beside "FPGA_SW" button) when no FPGA is present.


Feature list


Video Out

Video In

User Input

Wired communication


Realtime clock

Wireless communication

FPGA connections


  • PWM: PWM3 output is on J2 pin 26
    (2.8V output), but also used by LCD backlight !
  • GPIOlib
  • JTAG


  • Using 7" 800x480 LCD with 3.10/3.14 legacy kernel:
BIOS> setenv extrabootargs video=mxcfb0:dev=lcd,800x480@60,if=RGB666,bpp=32
root@apf6 ~ # fbset > /etc/fb.modes
  • Activating HDMI console with USB keyboard in U-Boot (since armadeus-6.0):
BIOS> usb start
BIOS> setenv stdout serial,vga
BIOS> setenv stderr serial,vga
BIOS> setenv stdin serial,usbkbd

keyboard map is english one and it seems not possible to change it (U-Boot 2014.07) ?

  • to activate login in Framebuffer console, please uncomment /etc/inittab line 35 this way:
# Set up a getty on LCD
tty1::respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1