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Even if APF6Dev is equipped with a SGTL5000 CODEC, there might be some cases where you want to try another one like the Dialog's DA7212.

From Dialog's website: "DA7212 is a high performance, low-power audio codec with an enhanced hybrid ALC and a powerful speaker driver targeting wearable, portable and embedded applications."

We will see below how to interface it to your APF6Dev.


DA7212 can be evaluated with Dialog's development kit: ARD-AUDIO-DA7212 reference design

As default digital audio port of i.MX6 (AUDMUX3) is already used by SGTL5000 on the APF6Dev with will use AUDMUX5 which is available on J5 connector, after some pins configuration.

Here is how to connect reference design kit with APF6Dev:

Reference design kit APF6Dev Jxx
J1 pin 18 (SDA) J5 pin 3 (I2Cx_SDA)
J1 pin 20 (SCL) J5 pin 4 (I2Cx_SCL)
J2 pin 1 (BCLK) J5 pin 5 (AUD5_TXC)
J2 pin 3 (WCLK) J5 pin 6 (AUD5_TXFS)
J2 pin 5 (DI) J5 pin 10 (AUD5_TXD)
J2 pin 7 (MCLK) J18 pin 14
J7 pin 8 & 10 (3V3) J5 pin 1 or 2
J7 pin 12 & 16 (GND) J5 pin 19 or 20


Following instructions are tested on Linux 4.1 (Freescale one), available with apf6legacy-4.1_defconfig, but can be ported to newer kernel.

DA7212 will be used in slave mode, i.e. i.MX6 will generate the audio clocks (contrary to SGTL5000 which works in master mode on our systems)