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Minicom is a serial line terminal emulator that allows you to take control of your board through the RS232 line. With it you can have access to the U-Boot/Linux console of your APF without needing to connect a keyboard/screen to the board. (For more informations on remote console)


On *Ubuntu / Debian

$ sudo apt-get install minicom

or use your system's graphical package manager.

To avoid using sudo or root, add your user (here mylogin) in dialout group:

$ sudo adduser mylogin dialout

then close and re-open your graphical session, to make group changes taken into account.


$ minicom -s
  • Choose serial port name, parameters (8N1) and no hardware handshake
  • Save config as default


  • To launch it (-o to not send modem AT init sequence):
 $ minicom -o
  • To switch from terminal mode to command mode:
CTRL + a then z
  • To quit:
Switch in command mode

Send file

See Serial transfer page to know how to transfer file to linux with minicom.

Usefull tips

  • TBDL