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* For more details, refer to the [[SSH#Dropbear|SSH - Dropbear page] in the Wiki.
* For more details, refer to the [[SSH#Dropbear|SSH - Dropbear page]] in the Wiki.
==Feature list==
==Feature list==

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PPS is an Armadeus System's baseboard for the APF27 module. It can be used to implement and securize network applications such as routers and gateways.

Front side, you can see dual Ethernet, USB 2.0 Host & OTG, WiFi Antenna, extension connector footprint and power supply
Back side, with an APF27 module plugged-in


Software features

There are some network applications/features that are preselected in the PPS baseboard default configuration:

Note Note: You can also use the PPS test scripts located in /usr/local/pps/scripts on the system to test some software functionalities.

SSH terminal

The APF27 PPS filesystem is configured to enable SSH connection from a host computer. It allows you to access a command terminal of the system through the Ethernet ports.

  • The default connection informations are:
    • IP address:
    • Login: guest
    • Password: armadeus
  • Then you can connect to your system by running the following command on your host:
 $ ssh guest@

Feature list

Wired communication

Wireless communication