Beginner's tutorial step 1

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  • Plug your APFxx module to your development board (custom or DevLight/DevFull) (your system will be hereafter referred to as "the Target")

File:Apf9328 on devfull.jpg

  • On APF9328 & APF27: connect your PC (= "the Host") to your board with a standard null-modem RS-232 DB9 cable. If you don't have a RS-232 port on your Host, you can use a "USB <-> RS-232" converter (you'll still require the null-modem cable).
  • On OPOS6UL & APF6 & APF6SP & APF51 & APF28: connect your PC (= "the Host") to your board with the delivered miniUSB cable.

File:Rs232cable connected.png

  • Connect your Target to your local network with an Ethernet Cable. If you don't own any network, you can use an Ethernet crossover cable to directly connect your Target and your Host.


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