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2010-2011 Association Contest

On this page, you will find all the usefull informations to participate to the 2010-2011 Armadeus Project Association Contest

What is it and why ?

After 2 years of existence, the association has generated enough cash to promote or speed up internal developments. During the last annual meeting, it has been decided to use a part of these funds to organize a contest. The goal of this contest is to increase the number of applications developped by the members.

Who can participate ?

The members of the association (ie the people who already have an APF9328 or APF27 board). This is a restrictive point, but we consider that a common development system is mandatory to share the work.

The rules

  • The projects have to be registered before: June 30th 2011
  • The participant(s) is a (are) member(s) of the Armadeus Project association
  • The whole sources and the schematics have to be publicly available and usable (GPL/LGPL)
  • Hardware or/and software applications can be proposed
  • A wiki page is mandatory and must contain (here is a template):
    • a description of the project (a few words)
    • the name(s) of the member(s)
    • the documentation to use the application, to compile the sources and to build the hardware
  • No special components have to be used (for electronics projects): all must be easily purchased
  • Registration is done by adding the link of the wiki page to the list below
  • The jury is composed of all the interested Armadeus Project members (min 5 members) and will have one month to deliberate after the contest closure. The vote will be done by email and have to be sent to contest(at)armadeus(dot)org. Prices will be attributed during LSM 2011 (RMLLs) in Strasbourg (France).

The awards (To be confirmed)

  • First award: an APF27 kit (APF27 + corresponding APF27Dev board (full options))
  • Second award: a 7" TFT and its adapter board for APF27
  • Third award: an APF27 wireless extansion with GSM and GPS modules

Current Projects List (2010-2011)

  • ...

Older projects