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Even if not optimized for data transfer performances, USB Webcams are (mostly) cheap and can be a good starting point for video acquisition/processing.

This page will summarize the validated models and link to their respective documentation.

Note Note: If you need performances, we recommend you to use camera modules connectible to either the CSI interface of the i.MX processors or the FPGA.

For the really intensive image processing applications, Armadeus Systems is developing and providing the SP_VISION APF27Dev/APF51Dev extension board.

Tested models

Model Status
USB ID Driver Comments
Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000.jpg KO TBT OK 046d:08b2 PWC YUV:4:2:0, BSP 8.0+
Creative NX PD1110  OK TBT TBT GspcaWebcam/gspca_zc3xx Camera outputs JPEG !!
Labtec Webcam Pro Labtec webcam pro.jpg TBT TBT OK 046d:08a2 GspcaWebcam Camera outputs JPEG -> require recent BSP (8.0+) to be tested with capture
Creative Live!CAM Video IM Creative live cam im.jpeg TBT TBT KO 041e:4053 GspcaWebcam/gspca_zc3xx Camera seems to output JPEG
Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro Creative Live Cam IM Pro.jpg OK TBT TBT UVC !! Some versions of this camera do not have an UVC compatible chip and so are not working !! ex: 041e:4055
Logitech Webcam C300 Logitech Webcam C300.jpg OK OK OK UVC Camera works great with capture example as it output raw YUV 4:2:2 !
Logitech QuickCam Messenger File:Logitech quickcam.jpg TBT TBT TBT 046d:08f0 gspca_stv06xx Camera outputs Bayer