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This extension board (APW) from Armadeus Systems, designed to be pluggable on an APF27Dev, will give your system the following wireless capabilities (depending on the options you selected):

Figure 1: APW with all options populated (no antenna)

Linux configuration

  • Linux will have to be configured in order to tell it that an APW is connected to your APF27Dev:
$ make linux-menuconfig
System Type  --->
    Freescale MXC Implementations  --->
            Extension board (Wireless (APW))  --->
       [ ] GSM/GPRS Modem (NEW)
       [ ] Bluetooth & WiFi module (NEW)
       [ ] CSI (Camera) pass-through (NEW)
       [ ] GPS module (NEW)

Select the options installed on your APW board (WiFi can only be selected if SPI3 port is not selected for general purpose (SDHC1 & SPI3 are muxed)).

$ make linux
  • reflash you Linux kernel