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Portable gaming/media playing platform

Currently, we have all the necessary hardware interfaces on an APF9328 to develop a high level portable gaming platform, (except probably for sound generation which needs more testing yet). An article explaining how to build that platform has been published in the Mars 2007 edition of the French Magazine: GLMF (GNU/Linux Magazine France).
I will open a Wiki page to handle user request about technical details (if needed)...

Native Games

Current native games working on APF platforms are:

Armanoid PrBoom Castle Wolfenstein
Quake OpenTyrian other ideas ?

Retro Gaming

SNES Emulation

Some tries have been made recently with snes9x emulator. Tested games are playable without sound emulation but there is still a lot of work. snes9x uses 16bpp, reducing it to 8bpp could help. Vsync synchro could also be nice.
Work is not fully commited yet. Putting sound emulation in FPGA could make it really usable.

Amiga Emulation


Nice ideas to look at

At least everything done on GP32 or NintendoDS console should be possible with Armadeus boards.

Ask JulienB for more information.

Detailed capacities

  • display JPEG, PNG
  • accept SD/MMC cards
  • plays MP3, Ogg music
  • display ID3 Tags
  • remote control
  • access network music server