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Armadeus Boards

The following boards are developed by Armadeus Systems.
Members of the Armadeus Project association can purchase these products at discount prices. Take a look at the Association page for details.

APFxx and OPOSxx Systems on Module (SoM)

  • APF9328: i.MXL based module
  • APF27: i.MX27 based module with Spartan3 FPGA
  • APF51: i.MX51 based module with Spartan6 FPGA
  • APF28: i.MX28 based module
  • APF6: i.MX6 based module
  • APF6_SP : i.MX6 based module with CycloneV FPGA
  • OPOS6UL : i.MX6UL based module
  • OPOS6UL_NANO : i.MX6UL based nano module
  • OPOS6UL_SP : i.MX6ULL based module with a Spartan6 FPGA
  • Footprints : Footprint available for APFxx module


Extension Boards

Demo Boards